Celix Chat Corner - January




Opening Theme (MIDI Format)
Korn - "Falling Away From Me"
January Hosts:
CelixDog (copyright David Minton)
CatDog (copyright Nickelodeon and Peter Hannan)
Dog4Life (copyright Logan Johnson)
Hackartist (copyright Mike Smith)
Beef (copyright Mike Bunker)

[Celix and  CatDog enter]
Dog: *waving*
Celix: "Hi folks, and welcome to the first official edition of Chat Corner."
Cat: "Yea and welcome to..." *reads paper script* "Celix Possesions".

[Celix give Cat a very evil glare]

Cat: "Geooww.. Productions!! Ya thats it.. Celix Productions. Eeehehe"
Dog: "Yea... and umm.. what are we going to talk about anyways?"
Celix: "Well Dog, seeming I said we'd do some reruns of the 2000 year. I figure we'll talk about the events of 2000."

Dog: "Umm yea...  What is the MAIN event we're talking about?"
Cat: "Oh Doggy thats not as important of question as.. Where is that fiesty little vixen I saw here on New Years?!"

Celix: "Cat, can we please keep out minds on the topic and not Rio?"
Cat: "Oh fine!!" *grumbles a bit*
Celix: "ok tonight I thought we'd talk about... hmmm..." *thinks* "How about we talk about  things we liked and didn't like about 2000?"
Dog: "OOooo sounds like a neat subject, but wouldn't that take a long time to talk about?"
Cat: "Yea, it's not like we have our whole life to talk about the year  2000, Celix."

[CelixDog picks up a box with "Plushies" marked on it]

Dog: "Hey Toys!!"
Celix: "ehoh..  No Dog, these are not to play with.  Lets talk about  one of the BIG events of 2000.
Cat: *shouting* "But what IS this event!!"
Celix: Chat Revenge!!

[CatDog look compleatly dazed]

Dog: "You mean that brutal thing we saw a reply tape of??  With the weird yellow thing in a white nd black shirt?"
Celix: *trys stilfing laughter*  Umm that was the referee, an old friend of mine. And I use the word Friend Loosely"
Dog: "Oooohhh, I thought it was like some kinda walking fuzz-ball"
Celix: "Ok Dog, we get the point you didn't know who or what he is.  Lets talk about that event."
Cat: "Um  well you talk about your little wrassling stuff and I'll play find the Good Looking  Kitten."
Celix: [catching Cat before he can get out of reach] "No Cat, your gonna stay here with me and Dog. Your still healing wounds from you and Rio's last encounter."
Cat: *whines* "But..but... she.. and..  Oh FINE!!" *Sits down and crosses his arms*

[Celix turns on a monitor with the Chat Revenge logo on it]

Celix: "So, lets just try to keep this short and talk about the participants and the ending of the Match."
Cat: "Who exactly was all those people in the match anyways?  I recognize the Girl Dog in it since she nearing crushed my ribs a little while ago."
Celix: *smurks a bit* Well the lethal Hugging Machine is my sis Cutesy.  The other that participated was Junie- Tamamushi and Dog4Life."

[CatDog look at each other and then at Celix]
Dog: "You mean that sweet little Junie that we work with on ATCDC was in that chaotic feascito?"
Celix: "Yes Dog, and its Fiasco!"
Dog: "well sorryy!! I'm not a english teacher ya know!"
Celix: "ok, anyways.. there was many others in the helping..  Such as the special time keeper and bell ringer.. Beef and..."

[Dog stops him in mid-sentence]

Dog: "Beef??!!  That was his actual name??!!"
Celix: "Umm well his online name kinda.. HEY straying off topic is not an option. This is going to be long as it is!"
Dog: "Ok, sorry.  Just had to ask."
Celix: "And of course I was there operating the crane holding the cage..  I kinda was rather evil at the time."

[Video Reply shows Celix Droping Cage to interfere in the match]

Celix: *sweating buckets*  "Umm.. eheh, well there was also The special guest refferee. Hackartist."

[Celix holds up a sign that reads..  'Hackartist Copyright Mike Smith']

Dog: *blinks* "Whats that for??"
Celix: "Legal copyright info I gotta add.  See like the one on the top of the page here."
Dog: "Ohh.  So who won this match and how?"
CelixDog: "Well...  wait a second!  Cat why are you so quiet?  Cat... CAT!!"
Cat: [Looking in the next room at Rio] "Huh? Wha! Wha!!  I'm participating!!
Celix: "Well The winner was Dog4Life after a brutal Moonsault on Cutesy. And he woin with a 10 count."
Dog: "Umm I thought it was a 3 count for winning.."
Celix: "Well It is, but there was a little back of the hand convo between refferee and DFL.."
Dog: "Ohhh  he cheeted then??"
Celix: "NoNo.. Just humiliated Cutesy more."
Cat: "Well I don't think she was too happy afterwards from what I saw.. Hows your head anyways?"
Celix: "Hmm?  Oh its ok, was a long while back and healing has taken in the pain.  So.. Thats it for this month I guess."

[Cat perks up from his rather bored expression on his face]
Cat: "Soo where done and I can go.. umm....  get aquanted with the staff?
Celix: *Laughing at Cats expressions* Yes Cat you can go get the Kitty Litter slaped outta again by Rio.
Cat: *Gets a Huge smile and runs off to Rio* "Hellooo.. Rio.."

[A loud slap is heard and Cat's ussual "Yeeeooowwwoo!!"  follows.]

Celix: "Well thats it this month..  Hope we get more orgained by next month. Seeyas!!"

[Celix and Dog wave as Cat walks in with a HUGE red paw mark on his face]