Celix Productions Chat Corner


Opening Theme
Disturbed - "Shout2000"
February Hosts:
Rio (copyright David Minton)
CatDog (copyright Nickelodeon and Peter Hannan)
Special Guest and Mentions:
Special Guest - Jan Correa (copyright Herself)
Billie Jo (copyright Janna Correa)
Rancid Rabbit (copyright Nickelodeon/Viacom and Peter Hannan)

[Rio walks in with CatDog following her]

Rio: "Hi peeps!!  Welcome to the February Tripple C column."
Cat: *stares at her with heart filled eyes*
Dog: "Tripple C?  Whats that stand for?"
Rio: "Tripple C.. Celix Chat Corner. Silly Puppy."

[Cat looks at Rio and raises an eyebrow]

Cat: "I can be silly too!! Really.. I'm a nut!!" *Gestures the typical crazy hand gensture*
Rio: "Yea im sure you are.. why don't you just sit there and think about Billie Jo.. OK?"
Cat: "Oh the pretty smiling kitten I met last night.. the one that ran me over with her bike when I first met her?"

[Rio Nods]

Rio: "yea her.."
Cat: "Ok." *Starts daydreaming of the first meeting and second meeting of Billie Jo*
Rio: "Ok .. continueing on. Today we will talk about Tv Shows."
Dog: "Geee... we gonna talk about our show as well?"
Rio: "Probibly..." *Puts a finger on Dogs nose making dog giggle a little*
Dog: "That tickles..  So what's Jan-Chan doing here?"
Rio: " Huh?  Oh yea.. this month we got a special guest.. Janna from the ATCDC Column."
Cat: *Perks from his dreaming* "JAN!!  Wha??!!"
Jan: *waves to everyone*

[Rio and Dog snicker at Cat's expression]

Cat: *I.. Is Billie With you?"
Jan: "Nope not this time Cat."
Cat: "Oh.." *lets the smile drop to normal expression*
Rio: "Welcome Jan.. ok were gonna talk about TV Shows.. and since Dog mentioned it, why not talk about the show.. CatDog?"

[Rio shruggs and turns a page on her clipboard]

Rio: "So I think the main thing people wonder is..  NO Not the Bathroom question!" "Just what is it like living in nearburg?"
Dog: "OOoo good question.. I think its fun and theres alot of fun things to do too...!"

Cat: "Yea, if you like getting chased by greasers, having you face slammed against the ground while your brother chases the garbage truck, and the aftertaste of garbage for breakfast."

Rio: "Aw is Cat not liking that stuff?" *Gives Cat a small noogie messing up some fur in the process*

[Cat melts into his chair a bit and Rio giggles]

Rio: " I love when ya do that on the show.."
Jan: "I love the show and everything about it.. " *smiles*
Rio: "Ima sure we all do Jan.  So What do you two think of all the merchandise you had out when your show first aired?"

[Dog gets an exited look on his face]

Dog: "it was cool! I still got the CatDog Bus Pass!!"
Rio: "Umm I mean the CatDog Beanies and Books and Burger King toys."
Dog: "You mean there where actually toy of us and books of us??"
Cat: "Hey wheres my money from that then??!!"
Rio: "Umm ok, bad subject i guess to have brought up."

[Jan moves her chair next to CatDog, on Cat's Side]

Cat: "What are you doing?" *Has a rather worried look on his face*
Jan: *Grabs Cat and gives him a small hug and doesn't let go till Cat Struggles out*
Cat: "Oh great my furs a mess and Jan's trying to hug me again!!  Can we like.. oh i donno.. HURRY THIS UP!!"

[Rio looks over at Jan]
Rio: "Oh i forgot you are a Cat fan... hehe"
Jan: *nods while smiling*
Rio: "Well anyways.. I ..." *Looks at the clock* "Aw foowy!! Were outta time before we got started!!"
Dog: "Woowie Kabootles time flys around here."
Rio: "Yes it does at times..  Well lets hope we get to talk about the subject next month.. Of course I won't be hosting."
Cat: "Aww.. you won't?" *Walks up to Rio* "Then I guess you should get a nice goodbye then , correct?"
Rio: "Umm i guess..  "

[Cat stands next to Rio just close enough to give her a kiss on the cheek]

Rio: *Gets a rather surprised and very angry look on her face* "OK lover boy!! Now your gonna get it!"
Cat: "EhOh....  Umm..  It was just a.." *starts running*
Rio: "I'll just little you!!"

[Rio chases Cat into the same room as she slapped him before and shuts the door. Seconds later a few loud smashing noises are hear and then a final sound of a slap]

Cat: *Famous "YEEEEOOOWWW!!!" can be heard*

[The door opens and Cat has some ruffled fur and a matching red paw mark on the other side of his face to match the old mark]

Dog: "Heh heh heh.. your fur's all mesed up..  heh heh heh"
Cat: "Shut Up.." *bops Dog on the head* "Come on Dog.. we gotta help finish the Ask The CatDog Cast with Jan."

Dog: "Okiedokie."

[CatDog and Jan walk out of the room and back to the land of Jan's Scribbles as Rancid Rabbit walks by sweeping the floor]

Rancid: "OkOK shows over..  I can't believe how messy you people are. Go On.. GET OUTTA HERE!!"