CatDog Fan Art Page

Below is a selection of fanart I drew for CatDog between 1999 and 2001, maybe a little longer. Just click the thumbnail to see each full image! When you click on the thumbnails; the image will open in a popup window; so make sure you mark the site as okay for them on your blocker or disable it totally as you browse. Strike that; Still working out the whole pop-up window thing. Best bet is to right click (or whatever shortcut keys you have you fancy you!) each thumbnail to open a new tab/window. :c (novice HTML'er sad face)


Pencil and Ink Drawings
Drawings in just simple Pencil and/or Ink


Colored Drawings
Colored Drawings, most colored using Microsoft Paint; Super Old School!


I did a few animated gif's over time; some made from online animators and some from a ULead program that came with my scanner at the time.

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